Hot Spots Charters – Captain Tyler Massey 5/20/13

Today I was joined by Brian and his twin sons Jon and David. They actually got to skip school to go fishing! I wish I was that lucky when I was a kid. We started out catching a few redfish bit they were all shorts.. We then moved out to the mass where we found a good number of big Spanish! The boys landed about a dozen then we decided to head back in after some redfish. We caught a limit in no time and called it a day!
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Captain Tyler Massey

Hot Spots Charters – Captain Krueger Heins 5/18 5/19

I had the pleasure of taking Peter and his son on Saturday morning. The pass was a little bumpy and the fishing was a ltle slow to say the least. We tried everything for some mackerel but we had no luck. We headed back to do some dock fishing and got pretty lucky. We fished about 7 docks and ended up with a limit of nice reds and a 22 in trout. After the trip we got to talking and Peters son was a Flight engineer on Marine 1 from 2007 until last year. He was 26 years old and his roommate who also flew Marine 1 was 23. It was awesome to meet them and a very impressive resume for someone so young.

This afternoon I took a group of friends from Baton Rouge down for a short vacation. After some reports of the bite being off because of the neap tide I was a little worried but we managed a fine box of redfish and a flounder. This afternoon we fished probably 20 to 25 docks. The redfish bite has been great lately hopefully it will keep up.

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Krueger Heins
Captain at Hot Spots Charters
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Hot Spots Charters Offshore Deep Dropping!!!

We put together our first ever “walk on” deep drop trip and it went really well. We put together a great group of folks and left the Beach Marina on Pensacola Beach and started the long ride to where the groupers live. On our way we broke up the ride and stopped and caught some nice amberjacks. The deep drop fish bit fair and we boxed 12 snowy groupers, some scorpion fish, some grey tile fish, one nice golden tile and a few long tail bass. We put that mixed bag together with a limit of jacks and we had a pretty decent box of fish for 5 people.

I was disappointed that we didn’t catch a single yellow edge grouper or barrel fish but I guess there’s always next time!

I only have one picture right now but I’ll add a few more later.

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Captain Matt Mcleod

Hot Spots Charters Offshore 5/19/13

The weather has shaped up pretty well offshore in the last week or so and the fishing has been very steady. Mingos are on many wrecks and live bottom spots from 80 to 130 feet of water along with some nice trigger fish, big white snappers and a few amberjacks. Amberjacks are about the only thing I can complain about near shore right now. The bait and jacks have been a bit inconsistent but we’re still catching a keeper or three most trips. Squid and cut bait on “two hook rigs” are catching mingos, triggers and white snappers but you’ll need live bait like hardtails, ruby’s or small white snappers for the jacks.

A few kings are showing up offshore. It seemed like it was about to get really good for kings and then it slowed down when the water dirty’d up a little.

The weather report is 1 to 2 feet for the next week so now is a great time to get out if you get a chance!

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Captain Matt Mcleod

Hot Spots Charters-Captain Tyler 3/19

Today I had the pleasure of taking a repeat customer of mine, Mark Faulkner and his son Sam. With the wind blowing pertty hard out of the north I decided to have them meet at the 17th ave boat ramp to make the treck to the pass a little more comfortable. We started out at the jetty and caught a few sheepshead then moved to the north rocks in the pass and added a few more tot he box. I noticed the tide shifted to an incoming tide so we hit the Jetty one more time and quickly landed a nice Redfish and lost a few more. We were using sand fleas and Live shrimp for bait and a carolina rig set up with a 3/4oz weight.

We headed back toward the ramp and slipped in to Texar and Sam caught a nice 21in trout (his first ever) on a gulp Jerk Shad.

The wind slicked off just as we ended up our trip and it turned out to be a beautiful day!

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Captain Tyler Massey

I ran a double yesterday and we were able to fight through the wind and catch fish both trips. In the morning I had Glenn and some of his buddies and we caught a box of sheephead with a nice flounder thrown in along with an over size redfish that was returned to fight another day! In the afternoon I had a father and his two sons from Arkansas. We went back to where I had caught sheephead that morning and they were still chewing the hooks off! We caught a mess of them and they decided they wanted try to catch some bull reds so I changed locations and everyone caught a big bull before heading home!
Today I had a group of guys and one girl who ended up catching the biggest fish! We started out with sheephead and caught about 20 before heading to catch some redfish. We managed two keeper redfish, a nice black snapper, and several more big sheephead at the next spot. We finished up with a nice Bull red and some more quality convicts at our last stop to end up with about 30 sheephead, 2 redfish, and a black snapper in the box.
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Captain Travis Gill