Hot Spots Charters Offshore Deep Dropping!!!

We put together our first ever “walk on” deep drop trip and it went really well. We put together a great group of folks and left the Beach Marina on Pensacola Beach and started the long ride to where the groupers live. On our way we broke up the ride and stopped and caught some nice amberjacks. The deep drop fish bit fair and we boxed 12 snowy groupers, some scorpion fish, some grey tile fish, one nice golden tile and a few long tail bass. We put that mixed bag together with a limit of jacks and we had a pretty decent box of fish for 5 people.

I was disappointed that we didn’t catch a single yellow edge grouper or barrel fish but I guess there’s always next time!

I only have one picture right now but I’ll add a few more later.

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Captain Matt Mcleod

Hot Spots Charters Offshore 5/19/13

The weather has shaped up pretty well offshore in the last week or so and the fishing has been very steady. Mingos are on many wrecks and live bottom spots from 80 to 130 feet of water along with some nice trigger fish, big white snappers and a few amberjacks. Amberjacks are about the only thing I can complain about near shore right now. The bait and jacks have been a bit inconsistent but we’re still catching a keeper or three most trips. Squid and cut bait on “two hook rigs” are catching mingos, triggers and white snappers but you’ll need live bait like hardtails, ruby’s or small white snappers for the jacks.

A few kings are showing up offshore. It seemed like it was about to get really good for kings and then it slowed down when the water dirty’d up a little.

The weather report is 1 to 2 feet for the next week so now is a great time to get out if you get a chance!

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Captain Matt Mcleod

Hot Spots Charters – First Cobia for 2013!

First one for us anyway!The weather today looked good enough to give cobia fishing a try for the first time this year. The crew was me, my father in law, Wade and JoeZ. It was cold but the sun was up and the wind was light from the northeast going southeast so we hit the beach about 9:30 and started looking. It took 5 hours but we finally found one about 2:30! Ate an eel just like he was suppose to, not a giant but we were very happy to see him! Seemed really slow today. There were several boats on the beach and it didn’t seem like much was happening. Needs more warm weather and time I guess…
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Captain Matt Mcleod

Hot Spots Charters 3 Trip Report

The last couple of days has been good fishing and even better weather. The sheepsheads are still plentiful around the pass and other structure in Pensacola Bay. We have caught some really good quality fish this year.

We had an encounter with a hungry bull shark yesterday (Picture below)

Today I ran into a school of bull reds twice. The first time was around the middle of the day when I was returning to the Beach Marina after my first trip, and the second time was when I was returning after my second trip about 6pm. We caught some both times. They are coming up to the top of the water around the EPA station on Pensacola Beach. The first time they were a little north west of the EPA and the second time they were north of it.

Capt. Matt Mcleod
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South Again charters / Day off!!

Had the pleasure of being invited to Cobia fish aboard the HEBE out of Destin Sunday. She is a gorgeous 45′ G&S and was a blast to fish from. We had a slow day going 3-8 but it was a great time watching Dawna and Jenny smoke these fish!!!


South Again Charters / 9 April 2011

Holy Fog batman!!! Can you say socked in?? Saturday I was booked by some of Dawnas’ childhood friends from Tampa, Paul and Scott Fritz. They were looking for a fun day of fishing and were really excited about a shot at a Cobia!! We left Shoreline Launch at around 0800 in near white out conditions. We decided to start out throwing topwaters early for trout and reds and let the fog burn off for a while.

Within a dozen casts we had boated Trout and Redfish, the fish seemed to be hanging tight to schools of mullet in about a 1 foot to 1 1/2 foot of water. Locate the mullet, locate the redfish. This was a really solid pattern that has been working for me all season. Shortly there after, the fog lifted slightly so we eased towards the North Rocks in the Pass. As expected we quickly began to throw Sheepies in the cooler. The spawn is close to over so the fish are running a bit smaller and biting a little less aggressively, but they are still biting none the less.

After the fog lifted we bolted into the Gulf and began a long slow day of Cobia fishing. We spotted one fish and it refused to eat our live Eel. This put a very somber note on what started out to be a banner day!! Thats the breaks though, if you swing for the fences you sometimes strike out! None the less a great day on the water with another great story to tell!

………………………..see you out there