1st Cobia of the year for Hot Spots!!

I had to break in a new powerhead on the Blazer Bay today so I thought we’d look around on the beach while we went through the breakin procedure. It’s about the only fishing you can do while constantly riding around and changing rpm’s the whole time so we brought a couple rods and a couple eels. We were riding around in the tower doing more talking than looking when tyler yells “fish”! I didnt even take the boat out of gear cause I thought he was messing with me….till I looked over and saw he was serious! Well we were heading east and going faster than I would normally when cobia fishing so we both made a rushed throw as the boat slowed down and the fish went down. Damn. Turned around to look back west and he popped right back up! One shot with an eel and he was on…Awesome and very unexpected! 50 lbs!

Matt Mcleod



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