Hot Spots Charters – Captain Krueger Heins 5/18 5/19

I had the pleasure of taking Peter and his son on Saturday morning. The pass was a little bumpy and the fishing was a ltle slow to say the least. We tried everything for some mackerel but we had no luck. We headed back to do some dock fishing and got pretty lucky. We fished about 7 docks and ended up with a limit of nice reds and a 22 in trout. After the trip we got to talking and Peters son was a Flight engineer on Marine 1 from 2007 until last year. He was 26 years old and his roommate who also flew Marine 1 was 23. It was awesome to meet them and a very impressive resume for someone so young.

This afternoon I took a group of friends from Baton Rouge down for a short vacation. After some reports of the bite being off because of the neap tide I was a little worried but we managed a fine box of redfish and a flounder. This afternoon we fished probably 20 to 25 docks. The redfish bite has been great lately hopefully it will keep up.

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Krueger Heins
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South Again Charters / 3 April 2011

Another fun day! I didn’t have a charter booked today so I took my Father Danny and my little sister Brittany out on a quick catching trip! We ran to the North rocks and quickly started boating Sheepshead. It was a great day of many first, Brittany caught her first ever Sheepie and her first ever Bull Red!

It was a ton of fun watching her fight this fish on a light tackle rod that I built for her a few years ago as a Bday gift! Also the Red Snapper bite was on fire on the rocks. We must have released 5-6 fish with one be a solid 18″ fish! The bite is still on fire in the Pass and should stay hot for a few more weeks. Don’t miss out on this annual Spawn!

Great day on the water with Family and a pretty dang good fish fry afterwards!!!!!

…………………….See you out there
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Capt.Brad King

South Again Charters


South Again Charters / 2 April 2011

I have been very fortunate the last few weeks to be able to take several soldiers fishing. Today was another one of those days. I was joined today by Mr. Scott Crider of Gulf Shores and SSG John Terry of the US Army. John is preparing for his sixth deployment to Afghanistan and all he wanted before deploying was to go out fishing and relax. I was honored to have the opportunity to take him.

We left Galvez launch at 7:30 and headed towards Pensacola Pass. We arrived to find a ton of boats already working the North Rocks. We weaved our way in amongst them and started battling the fish. We quickly boated sheepshead, the bite was kinda slow and the fish seemed a little picky but we stuck with em and managed a nice haul of fish.

On a serious note, I realized today the bravery and courage of these Men. SSG Terry was not wanting or expecting praise nor did he want recognition for his acts. He was a solid reminder to me that some Men are just born heroes and ALL of our service Men and Women deserve our support and most of all our RESPECT.

Thanks again to SSG Terry and to Scott Crider for taking this young man on a day of fishing before deployment!!

……… See you out there

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Capt. Brad King

South Again Charters


Sheeps at the Pass! 3-31-10

My buddy Trevor and I loaded up the boat this morning on a mission for sheepshead. A quick stop at Hot Spots for some live shrimp and we were on the water by 8. At the pass, we looked at the depth finder the whole time. We found some rocks and ledges at 40ft, so we dropped down. Seconds later, Trevor is bent over!

We stay on this spot for a few hours. Ended up with 12 sheeps and a few cutoffs. Awesome day!

Chris Dunn

Cold and Windy March 17th report

On this particular morning I got the pleasure of guiding Edwin and his son Jeffery. Our goal was to target monster redfish on shallow flats in Pensacola Bay. Right now the big bulls are in pairs spawning on these flats so it makes for a great sightfishing trip! The only issue we had this morning was rain and wind which makes it very tough to see a fish.  After riding the banks for 30 minutes, I knew we were fighting a losing battle. No sunshine made the visiblity very poor. I decided it would be best to blind cast the dropoffs on the edge of the banks. I figured we might find a few stragglers somewhere. It did not take long before we were casino online hooking up with 35 to 40 inch fish. The cool part about hooking a beast like that is we were only 10ft from the bank. After catching a few nice ones, the rain, wind, and cold became unbearable, so we called the trip off early and headed in.

These monster fish should be in this area for at least another month. What some people may not know is that some big bulls actually come up in 3 to 4ft of water to spawn on sandy bottoms. It is best to look for these fish on sand where you are finding a bunch of pot holes and drops offs right off the bank. In this particular area it is 15ft deep no more than 10 ft from the bank. I think a fish of that size feels much safer on a shallow flat when he knows he is only a few feet from very deep water. It is funny, but I have also found that these spawning fish will eat almost anything thrown at them. They are not picky at all…

Capt Brant Peacher