Hot Spots Charters – Captain Tyler Massey 5/20/13

Today I was joined by Brian and his twin sons Jon and David. They actually got to skip school to go fishing! I wish I was that lucky when I was a kid. We started out catching a few redfish bit they were all shorts.. We then moved out to the mass where we found a good number of big Spanish! The boys landed about a dozen then we decided to head back in after some redfish. We caught a limit in no time and called it a day!
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Captain Tyler Massey

Hot Spots Inshore 4/23/11

Fished this morning with Danielle, Shannon, Michael, and Aiden. We spent our entire trip fishing the flats in Santa Rosa Sound for trout and it was steady action all morning. Fish were caught using live shrimp and Bomber Ba Donk a Donk SS. Getting ready to head out for my second trip of the day, going to go bay bottom fishing since Matt did really well this morning.

Another day on the yak 5-10-10

My friend Trevor wanted to try this kayaking thing, so I took him out to some flats. We got on the water before sunrise and threw out some topwaters. The sun came up rather quickly so we switched to the gold spoon. Man was this ever the bait of choice! I guess I had all the luck since I pulled a redfish out of every other dock. First fish was a beauty. He ripped the line off the 3000 and went for a dock. Luckily, he turned south and started to give in. He came up boatside and I pulled him out.

Perfect upper slot

At the next dock, it only took about 3 casts to find another. Got him to the yak and grabbed the camera. Another beauty

We continue our drift and work an area that looks fishy. I threw two times at the same spot and didn’t hook up. 3rd time was the charm and a red swipes the spoon. Good lookin fish for sure. 

Trevor is getting pretty frustrated as he hasn’t hooked anything. He finally gets a red to eat and fights him to the boat. Another nice slot

We drift to the last set of docks and deploy the stickit. I stood up on my seat to see if I could spot anything. I throw blindly and once again, a red takes the bait. Near the boat, I could see two more swimming with him. I yell to Trevor to throw in for a chance at a double. We could see the fish rush his spoon but he didn’t eat. Oh well…I landed mine and took a pic

Wind was kickin, so I threw in one more time.  Right in front of the yak, I watched a speck eat the spoon! Quick fight and he’s done.

Marsh Works new “Chugger”

This thing is loud…
Just like your drunk uncle at christmas, you can’t ignore him if you try. chugger is your drunk uncle in a cork. the fish are gonna hear it, whether they want to or not. It’s built to withstand the abuse, fish after fish. When you need to make some noise and bring the fish in , start chugging. Available in pink, orange and yellow. Only $3.99 at Hot Spots!